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HR Connect


APSE HR Connect offers consultation services to help businesses reach out to and partner with one of the strongest labor & customer pools in the country - The Disability Community.

Business Benefits of a Disability Outreach Initiative:

  1. Recruiting/Hiring: It will allow your company strategic access to the last untapped labor pool in America
  2. Job Training: It will allow you to set up and/or access exciting new job training/internship programs
  3. Collaboration: It will create opportunities for your company to collaborate with new business partner & customer groups
  4. Marketing: It will help you tap the this powerful niche market
  5. Incentive Planning: It will assist your company in accessing a variety of local, state, and federal grants & incentives


The Facts:

  1. 56 million people with disabilities plus close family, friends, and supporters comprise almost one-third of the United States population
  2. 20 million of 70 million families in the U.S. have at least one member with a disability (1 out of 10 families raising children have at least 1 child with a disability)
  3. People with disabilities in the U.S. have an annual spending power of $796 billion – more than any ethnic minority group ($200 billion more than the African American community $300 billion more than the Hispanic community - and this does not take into account family, friends, and supporters)
  4. With the baby boom generation retiring and tightening immigration laws, people with disabilities are the last untapped labor source in the country (40% higher unemployment of people with disabilities as compared to those without disabilities)
  5. Targeting the disability community as a customer and labor source is one of the hot new, rising trends in the American business community. Companies like Walgreens (, CVS, Starbucks, MBNA, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Pepsi, Hyatt, and Bank of America have already initiated large scale outreach efforts to the disability community.

HR Connect Services include:

  • Planning a Strategic Disability Community Outreach
  • Recruiting in the Disability Community
  • Accessible Screening/Interviewing
  • Linking to/Developing Job Training Programs
  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Inclusion of Disability Issues Into Diversity Planning
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Consultation
  • Increasing Supplier Diversity
  • Incentive Planning
  • Job/Essential Functions Analysis
  • Public Relations/Communication to the Disability Community
  • Mentoring/Coaching Programs
  • Marketing in the Disability Community

For more information on HR Connect services, please contact: James Emmett, HR Connect Director at 574-808-9779 or via email at

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